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Whilst Helmsdale itself, is an undoubtedly beautiful place, steeped in local history and breathtaking views, we understand you may also wish to visit some of the many equally beautiful places and scenery that the Northern Scottish Highlands have to offer.

Before you venture too far though, please take a while to have a wander round our small village. Helmsdale has a history which dates back to at least the 9th Century ( Some claim even earlier ) when the "Norsemen" - Vikings as they are known today, started their raids on the North of Scotland. Even the name, can be traced back to "Hjalmundal" which literally means "Dale of the helmet".

Of course, there WERE earlier settlers of a kind here, and if you walk along the beach, you just may be lucky enough to find evidence of them. Helmsdale beach is a renowned hotspot for finding fossils, dating back to the Jurassic period. In fact, it is one of the most prolific areas for them North of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England.


Later in history, in modern day terms, the village of Helmsdale was constructed starting around 1814 as a place for the famous "Highland Clearances" families. Herring fishing was the trade the new occupiers relied on and proved a highly profitable business. Nowadays, the Herrings have sadly gone, and Salmon is the main interest of people visiting for fishing purposes, the River Helmsdale, being world famous for this.

So, with no Dinosaurs, or Vikings to worry about, why not take a stroll around while you are here. A beautiful walk along the harbour and to watch the crabbing boats coming in is a wonderful way to wind down on an evening, after a full days travelling, before relaxing at Viewpoint Guest House.

John o' Groats

Dunrobin Castle

Brora Beach at low tide.

Duncansby Stacks

Seals near Golspie Beach

Top of Gartymore

Further details of these and many more places are available within the Guesthouse.